Just a quick message to @wolfgang_tillmans. I want to thank you for the grace and beauty with which you campaigned for this referendum. It didn't go the way you, I and many others hoped but your contribution brought a much needed sentiment of love and compassion to what was a vile performance of hate and fear from those in power. With your vision and creativity you helped so many of us express our hopes and you put at the centre of your argument the deep love and unity that Binds European countries. This truth only burns brighter in my heart today and I thank you for your beautiful world vision.
I don't think I've ever been so ashamed to be British than I am today. We just sent a wholly negative and selfish message to the world. I don't think anything bad about anyone who voted leave, this is democracy but Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, you are vile men and you will never ever speak for me. I feel a great sense of love for all of us as none of us know what the fuck happens now. The idiots in charge don't know either and I reserve a cold place in my heart for you "leaders" who got us into this place of worry.
"I know it says British Shorthair on my birth certificate but I've always felt like more of a European Shorthair." Clooney's IN
Ashley knows what it feels like to be left out. Bet he's voting in. #voteremain
The harsh reality of a post Brexit future illustrated by my cat. Don't let this happen #voteremain photo by @missandreabyrne
Tell someone they're oresome today.
The ugly face of Brexit. Just look how twisted with fear this little guy is. So afraid someone's gonna take his stuff and make off with the "sovereignty" of his country. Whatever that means. Poor little fella.
Way, way, way, waywaywaywaywaywaywaywyaywywyaywwywyywywyw more #BSbillboards
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Regram from @wolfgang_tillmans
New collection. The Glove Of My Life.
For Jo
If you believe in polls the Brexit vote is ahead by 6 points. This means fat cat manipulators like Rupert Murdock will get what they want.
#blackscorelyrics from the ocean that is John Grant. Way too apt this week. #loveislove @strekoza68 @johnwgrant
Yesterday every paper had the terrible shooting in Orlando on their front page and The Daily Mail didn't mention it. I know it's nothing new to highlight the twisted bigotry of this rag but it just makes me sad. Would their front page have been different had the shooting happened in a straight club? It's just hate breeding hate. @dailymail you make me sick.
Hendrix lyric making me feel the preciousness of life today. #blackscorelyrics
This world needs to hate less.
#Orlando ❤️

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