...but Β£1 billion for Northern Ireland...
Get a free t-shirt with every "Nice" purchase.
Tough crowd
Still giving away free surprise t-shirts with every "Nice" purchase. If we can get the whole world wearing this then maybe things might change. Well, they certainly would for us cos that's a shit load of t-shirts. We'd be the next Super Dry... not so nice. Anyway buy it and let's see. But you'll get a great free tee with it, I'm certain of that.
We're still giving away free t-shirts with every "Nice" purchase. Just place your order and you'll get a surprise tee in your size. And it ain't crap stock we want to ditch. It will be a good t-shirt. Cos we're nice!
Just added this tee to the store and in the spirit of "Nice" we will chuck in a free surprise tee in your size. I know being nice is an understatement of what the world needs right now but it's a start right?
Thanks to everyone who came down today for our live printing day. Had some happy little dudes who left in day glow glory.
Come and have a go at making your own t-shirt at our live printing event starting tonight then continuing tomorrow afternoon. A percentage of all money raised will go to those affected by the Grenfell Tower fire. 6-9 tonight and 2-7 tomorrow. 20 Ravenswood Industrial Estate. Shernhall st #Walthamstow E17 0HQ
We're having a live printing event at our studio this weekend with a preview tomorrow evening. Choose your own print and even do it yourself if you're feeling creative. A share of profits will be donated to those affected by yesterday's tragic Grenfell Tower fire. We're at 20 Ravenswood Industrial Estate, Shernhall st. Walthamstow E17 9HQ. We also have a great brewery opposite if that helps.
I wish I could light up your face like your phone does.
Free humble pie with every shit heap right wing hate rag today folks. Hmm not hungry thanks.
So kids, what have we learnt about arrogance, complacency and condescension today? Yes Jeremy, they're all wonderful qualities of a Tory government. What a great day!!!

Zine Issue #2

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