Cara Delevingne Gets Her Own Black Score T-Shirt

We designed a set of t-shirts for Grazia Magazine's House Of Grazia. This is one of them. 

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Our Prince tribute t-shirt is up on the site now for the special price of £19.99. It's got a "No More Heroes" back print too.
In light of yesterday's #hillsborough verdict let's not forget what our Mayor Boris Johnson wrote in 2004. Before he fooled Londoners with his clever clown act he reflected the prevailing Tory classist bigotry. You should be feeing sick with shame today. @ldn_gov
Finally, justice for the 96. Branded hooligans when all they did was go and watch their team play. #hillsborough #BSbillboards
2016 go fuck yourself.
@matlloydpoet's new collection of poems The Cracks And The Curbs just arrived. Looking forward to this. Go grab a copy at his website.
Victoria Wood, you were a master of your craft.

Zine Issue #2

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