Another day in the sample sale. Come see us from 12-9pm today and pick up some bargains from the BS crates. Tees, sweats, hats and kidswear. Bring this flyer and get a freebe.
Just working on our Glamour Magazine cover that we have been officially commissioned to design by her highness @joelvinglamour
Sample sale today until Saturday guys.
The £5 table took a hammering yesterday. We're doing it all again today from noon. Sample sale until Saturday. Print off the flyer in our earlier post and get a free tee with a purchase. Super low prices and exclusive items only available here.
Sample sale in full effect. We're open until Saturday so get over here for some exclusive shit and some mad cheap tees. Print the flyer and you get a free tee. See you soon.
Sample Sale starts tomorrow. 26/11 - 12-7pm 27/11 - 12-7pm 28/11 - 12-9pm 29/11 - 1-6pm Plenty of tees, hats and sweats for boys,girls and kids. Cash only. Bring the flyer and get a free tee with purchase.
Get ready
Big sample sale starting this Wednesday. Lots of tees, sweats and hats for sale. Also lots of stuff we're not really allowed to sell but you won't tell will you... Cash only please. Print out this flyer and you get a free tee with purchase.
Had a nice chat with the man Glen E Friedman at his awesome show My Rules. He seems to only have one rule, NO SUPREME ALLOWED. Go see the show, wall to wall legends.
I can't even guarantee this will be the last but I can assure you the standard isn't getting higher.
#glenefriedman #MyRules show opens tonight.
Fugazi First Demo coming down the pipe.
Just over an hour left on our eBay auction. 3 one-off items for sale. Click the link in our profile.
The problem with Instagram is that there's no editing. It's just too easy to put up wrong things that in an Internet-free world would never see the light of day.
2 days left on our eBay auction. 3 very special one-off pieces up for sale. Click the link in our profile.
We're having a massive Christmas Sample Sale next week. All your favourite tees, sweats, beanies, balaclavas at knock down prices plus plenty of stuff we're not allowed to sell online. Cash only
This is a very special opportunity to buy the original 100% cashmere sample of our Highbrow beanie. We only made 2 in cashmere and you know who's got the other one. Click the eBay link in our profile. Auction ends this Thursday.

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