The Black Score Toilet

This is our Stairway, our Bohemian Rhapsody, our Bat Out Of Hell. 

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Orders going out.
The full range of sweatshirts is now available @wild_at_heart_foundation so please help us to support this wonderful dog charity. #adoptdontshop
If you're a believer, you'll need one of these. Available from @wild_at_heart_foundation very soon. #ibelieveindog #adoptdontshop
My Little Homie sweatshirts and tees now available. And shit, I think the freebe thing is still going too, cos we too damn lazy.
Good to see this back in play.
The hunter #slaves
S la v e s
Our congregation. Coming to @wild_at_heart_foundation later this week. #ibelieveindog #adoptdontshop
Lyric paintings on heavy duty paper 30x40cm available at our store. We can paint your requests if you buy any lyric painting and select "custom lyric" from the drop down. Then email holla @\ href="" target="_blank"> with your request. Great Christmas present if you ask me. #blackscorelyrics
We also have a selection of lyric paintings for sale on the site. Hand painted lyrics 40x30cm. If there is a particular lyric you love or a loved one loves then we can do commissions. Just don't make them shit songs please. #blackscorelyrics
Got loads of our best sellers now on sweatshirts. Plus lots of free stiff still available until Monday.
Designed a Pixies t-shirt. #tshirtday @pixiesofficial
BLACK SCORE FRIDAY. All weekend we're doing lots of great deals. Get loads of free stuff like any of these with a purchase. Got some exclusive designs only available for this weekend. Hit the link in our bio and have a root through. Enjoy!!
@dailymail I noticed you forgot to mention the Jo Cox case on your front page today. I'm sure this is what you meant to say. Your welcome.

Zine Issue #2

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