Kids these days have no respect.
Hanging with Radiohead tonight
Mouse Music All Night Long
My kind of shop, although I'm ok for towels.
Selfie Respect
Mother. The coolest bar in Tokyo. The size of a broom cupboard but every song you could think of. Pick a band from a menu and she'll hand you a bunch of CD's. Gloriously old school, incredibly loud and bloody awesome.
One hell of a send off last night. Thanks @johnbull_private_labo @satoberry @presi225
A quick stop at the hallowed grounds for Yamazaki whisky tasting.
Mind = Blown
Fake Chanel in Osaka
This is not a Kenzo bag.
Thank you to everyone who came out and especially the staff @johnbull_private_labo in Osaka. You are all beautiful
Fantastic day drawing portraits in Osaka for @johnbull_private_labo
Hand drawn bags for @johnbull_private_labo in Harajuku

Zine Issue #2

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