Hanging with Radiohead tonight
Mouse Music All Night Long
My kind of shop, although I'm ok for towels.
Selfie Respect
Mother. The coolest bar in Tokyo. The size of a broom cupboard but every song you could think of. Pick a band from a menu and she'll hand you a bunch of CD's. Gloriously old school, incredibly loud and bloody awesome.
One hell of a send off last night. Thanks @johnbull_private_labo @satoberry @presi225
A quick stop at the hallowed grounds for Yamazaki whisky tasting.
Mind = Blown
Fake Chanel in Osaka
This is not a Kenzo bag.
Thank you to everyone who came out and especially the staff @johnbull_private_labo in Osaka. You are all beautiful
Fantastic day drawing portraits in Osaka for @johnbull_private_labo
Hand drawn bags for @johnbull_private_labo in Harajuku
Drawing portrait bags at @johnbull_private_labo in Harajuku
Our pop up space @johnbull_private_labo Daikanyama

Zine Issue #2

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