Love these pictures of D. Boon, @RaymondPettibon and punk rock promotor Brendan Mullen - taken by Gary Leonard. Disgracefully, the site I nicked them from has one listed as "Raymond Pettibon and 2 others".

There's a great interview with Pettibon over at Vice.

Sidenote: Check out this great Descendents/Pettibon t-shirt.

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Shame on you cowards of @FIFA. How does anyone, be them bankers, politicians or FIFA delegates expect the rest of us to uphold basic law abiding morals when those in power are so stained with corruption?
Just found this reject from the Stick Man Legends period. Check Your Head.
A poem called FIFA Boss
After the first run through of At. Long. Last. A$AP I see he's still rich, still enjoys sexual intercourse and still wears Rick Owens...
You know when you really need to leave the house but you can't stand to be without coffee or Black Score. Well, we're here for you. Introducing the Black Score travel mug exclusive to @Urbanoutfitters
Camping vibes
C'mon Ireland. Shout louder than the bigoted, narrow minded, backward few. #VoteYes
Punk KO'd by Pop
Err, hello!! Ever heard of knocking??
A Mike Patton triple fist beatdown please. It's been too longπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
Less .com passion. More compassion.
As we enter the season of endless shots of feet with pools in the background this is my kind of foot selfie.
My thought for today. ❀️
Distracting myself from this nuts General Election with a spot of #vanspropeller Good show guys. @vansskate
Oops, got the last one removed. Turns out the nipple ain't free yet. #bsmagazineflippin

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