Love these pictures of D. Boon, @RaymondPettibon and punk rock promotor Brendan Mullen - taken by Gary Leonard. Disgracefully, the site I nicked them from has one listed as "Raymond Pettibon and 2 others".

There's a great interview with Pettibon over at Vice.

Sidenote: Check out this great Descendents/Pettibon t-shirt.

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Anyone who's used #squadgoals ain't got shit on this by @glenefriedman
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New Black Score rucksacks coming soon.
Seems to me that the developed world and London in particular is sliding into safe mediocrity. Cities, music, culture are becoming more sophisticated but less and less creative. Instead we're creating X Factor worlds for those who can afford it while the edge and the bite dies quietly out of sight. These t-shirts are how I feel sometimes.

Zine Issue #2

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