Love these pictures of D. Boon, @RaymondPettibon and punk rock promotor Brendan Mullen - taken by Gary Leonard. Disgracefully, the site I nicked them from has one listed as "Raymond Pettibon and 2 others".

There's a great interview with Pettibon over at Vice.

Sidenote: Check out this great Descendents/Pettibon t-shirt.

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I can't even guarantee this will be the last but I can assure you the standard isn't getting higher.
#glenefriedman #MyRules show opens tonight.
Fugazi First Demo coming down the pipe.
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The problem with Instagram is that there's no editing. It's just too easy to put up wrong things that in an Internet-free world would never see the light of day.
2 days left on our eBay auction. 3 very special one-off pieces up for sale. Click the link in our profile.
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We're running a super special eBay auction. We've got 3 very special items. 2 hand customised, one-off sweats and a certain Highbrow number that some of you might remember. Check the link in our profile. Auction ends Thursday 20th.
Neighbour Of The Beast
Highbrow #currentmood
Highbrow #currentmood
Highbrow #CurrentMood
Happy Halloween folks. Just added this classic to the shop. Anyone who buys something today gets this tee free in the same size. Offer ends at the witching hour. 👻
Some Lolz for our NY crew. New tees and sweats being added all this week to the site.

Zine Issue #2

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