Please put your hands together for this guy, it's his birthday today. Richard Lonsdale aka @chimpomatic is responsible for much of the look of Black Score. He does all our films and photography and he's just an all round righteous dude. 👊👊👊
@raif_badawi flogging postponed again this week. Presumably with the aim to resume once he is "fit" for flogging. Disgusting incarceration of a free thinking mind trying to change an archaic religious way of thinking. This free thought cannot be contained forever. #FreeRaif
Whether it's the economy or Islamic fundamentalism that brings the world to its knees, this will always be funny. If you can "draw a cock on it" you are truly free. #ThoughtForTheDay
FUCK YEAH!!! IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!! Everything on the store is free. Yeah right. Bullshit it is. You guys should be giving ME stuff.
He's the one who knocks.
New collection on show in Paris next week.
Blogged & Flogged. Raif Badawi created the Free Saudi Liberals website and got 10 years and 1000 lashes. Nice to see the Saudi ambassador to France at the pro free speech March in Paris last weekend. #FreeRaif
Let's become so absolutely free.
Had to get this out of my system. Donald Trump's tweets in the aftermath of last week's shootings at the Charlie Hebdo offices suggesting that had the victims been allowed to carry guns then the situation might have been different were outrageous. Using such a tragedy to spout your own fucked up views just confirms what I've always thought about this guy. Been haunted by images of Donald and his right wing, NRA loving chums circle jerking the latest issue of Guns & Ammo.
Well played today France. This unity is the truth.
Oh how quickly our priorities can change in a week.
For you Paris.
Instagram's sagging under the weight of worthy New Year idealism so I'll just plop this cherry on top.
Today's driving music. These are ACTUAL CD's !! I know.
We're exhausted but we've done it. Finished another year and got all your orders out. Apologies for some late arrivals, thanks for hanging in there. And thank you for another great year and for all your support. All of us here at Black Score towers wish you a Christmas bursting full of wonder and joy. Over and out.
Lager Field
For Pakistan today.
Sending out the first wave of tees from our PETA collaboration. Get yours from our store. Percentage of proceeds go to the charity. Help a furry friend today. @petauk

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