No More Heroes

No More Heroes For Us To Love

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Bigots In Disguise. #bsads
We’ve had to cancel the sample sale today for various reasons so my apologies if you were heading our way. But we’ll be open tomorrow instead. Sorry.
Please knock
Sample Sale just started. Open till 6 today and from 2-7 tomorrow. 20 Ravenswood Industrial Estate E17 9HQ
New project. #TrashBS
We’re extending our sample sale across the next 2 Fridays and Saturdays. Men’s, women’s and kid’s come see what we done did.
Wake up Mr. West
Sample Sale today folks. Got tonnes of stuff and don’t want to put any of it back in boxes. 20 Ravenswood Industrial Estate E17 9HQ. Starts at 2 ish.
Sample Sale starting today. 20 Ravenswood Industrial Estate E17 9HQ ALLOW IT!
Fuck you Trump. Stay in your lane motherfucker. #fucktrump
SAMPLE SALE THIS WEEKEND. We’ve got boxes of stuff so come and take some home. Make Sample Sales Great Again.

Zine Issue #2

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